Number between square brackets `[ ]' indicate road numbers.

Saturday 19 June Clouds with rain turn into overcast sky, 15°C
Left Velserbroek (NL) at 06:15 and arrived in Esbjerg (DK) at 16:30. At the quay at 17:00 (follow the signs of the ferry to England). Boarded at 21:00. Left Denmark at 22:00.
Sunday 20 June Sunshine and some rain, 15°C
Entire day on board. Some birdwatching behind the boat, reading, walking around, eating and sleeping. Saw some oil rigs and a crane ship in the afternoon. Passed Shetland Islands.
Monday 21 June Overcast sky, 15°C
Arrived at Tórshavn (FR) at 10:00. Drove around Streymoy island. From Tjørnuvik in the northern part we have a nice view of Risin og Kellingin, two sea stacks near Eiði. Also visited Saksun, a circular tidal lake. Drove to Eysturoy island. Camped at Toftir Sport Complex (DKr 40 p.p.), specially built for the qualification games for the World Championship Soccer 1994. Very nice facilities, but the tent had to be pitched up on a gravel surface.
Tuesday 22 June Mostly rain, 15°C
Birdwatched at Lake Toftavatn. Drove to Oynðarfjørður, where we put up our tent at the youth hostel (DKr 40 p.p.). Nice walk around Tindur mountain to the next fjord.
Wednesday 23 June Sunshine and some rain, 10°C
Back at Tórshavn at 11:30. Boarded at 14:00 and left Faroes at 15:00. Nice view of the fjords when we sailed through Leirviksfjørður and Djúpini.
Thursday 24 June Sunshine and some drizzle, windy, 8°C
Arrived at Seyðisfjörður at 07:00. Still a lot of snow in the mountains. Via road [93], [1] and [864] to Dettifoss, the largest waterfall in Europe. Road [85] to Raufarhöfn. Nice landscape. Along the road there are many lakes and ponds. The midnight sun was obscured by clouds. Camped at Raufarhöfn for IKr 500 all in (the camping was brand new and still under development, and only had a toilet and cold water. The paint was still wet).
Friday 25 June Sunshine turns into much rain and storm (8 Bf), 12°C
Via road [85], [867] (nice surroundings) and [862] to Asbyrgi, the Icelandic Rocky Mountains. Has a very luxurious camping site. Should be a good spot for Gyrfalcon. Visited Hljóðaklettar, bizarre basalt formations. Drove via road [85] to Kelduhverfi, where the North Atlantic Ridge enters the Arctic Ocean in some odd cracks. At the eastern side of Tjörnes peninsula we found a nice Puffin colony along the road. Camped at Húsavík (IKr 400 p.p., toilet, cold water, cooking facilities). Wind increased to 8 Bf: no sleeping tonight.
Saturday 26 June Rain and 8 Bf storm turn into clouds and clouds become rain, 12°C
To Lake Mývatn. Stayed at Vogar camping (IKr 400 p.p., toilet, hot showers). Did some birdwatching around the lake. Visited Höfði (IKr 100 p.p.), where there are some very nice lava formations. It rained from 15:00 to 24:00.
Sunday 27 June Sun, 23°C
Excellent day. Climbed Hverfjall crater, visited Grjótagjá hot springs, Námafjall solfatores, Krafla and Viti. Very impressive. Should not be missed. Zillions of flies and midges around the lake made a real nuisance. Did some birdwatching around the lake again.
Monday 28 June Overcast sky, 17°C
The midges made us crazy and drove us away from Lake Mývatn. Quick look at Dimmuborgir. Via [1] to Goðafoss and Akureyri. Noisy camping for IKr 400 p.p. (all facilities). Quick look around town. In the evening to ólafsfjörður [82] for the midnight sun, again obscured by clouds.
Tuesday 29 June Some rain, 12°C
Greet visited dentist because of a toothache. Visited Natural History Museum (IKr 100 p.p., Hafnarstraeti 81, open every day except Saturday from 13:00 to 16:00), nothing special. Note the facsimile Great Auk, constructed from several parts of other species. Drove via Varmahlið [1] to Hvammstangi [72]. Camped there for IKr 200 p.p. (basic facilities). More rain. Between the showers we visited the largest easily accessible seal colony in Iceland along Vatnsnes coast [711]. Saw some 30 seals. Near farm ósar at the eastern side of the peninsula there is Hvitserkur, a Kittiwake colony in the form of an Indian Brahma cow (nice).
Wednesday 30 June Rain, 12°C
Took road [1] and [61] to Westfjords. Road [69] was not accessible, so 70 km back and took road [59] to reach road [60]. Rain and more rain. Bad and muddy road, but nice scenery. Camped behind Flakkarinn cafetaria at Brjánslækur for free (used the facilities of the cafetaria).
Thursday 1 July Some rain and much wind, 12°C
To Látrabjarg, western most point of Europe ([62] and [612]). Very large bird cliff, very impressive. Camped at Breiðavík youth hostel (IKr 200 per tent and IKr 100 p.p., shower IKr 100).
Friday 2 July Sun and clouds, 12°C
Visited folk museum at Hnjopúr (IKr 200 p.p.). Back to Brjánslækur ([612] and [62]). Birdwatching at Vatnsdalsvatn. Deserved a better look. Ferry Baldur to Stykkishólmur (IKr 2,000 for car, IKr 1,000 p.p.). Snæfellsness peninsula is entirely different from Westfjords. Drove west ([57] and [54]). Camped at ólafsvík (IKr 200 p.p., basic facilities), renowned for its notoriously bad weather, but we had fairly good weather.
Saturday 3 July Sun and clouds, 12°C
Drove around Snæfellsjökull ([574]). Visited Arnarstapi. Nice bird cliffs and basalt formations, but rather touristy. Camped at Borgarnes (IKr 200 per tent and IKr 200 p.p., dirty).
Sunday 4 July Sun and clouds, rain in the evening, 15°C
Road [1] to Reykjavík. Visited city park (breeding Arctic Terns, Eiders and Greylag Geese) and city center. Visited Natural History Museum (admission free, near Snorrabraut, open Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays from 13:30 to 16:00). Here's a real Great Auk on display. Drove around Reykjanes peninsula. Via [42] to Krísuvík. Nice lava landscape, but bad road. Camped at Grindavík (should be IKr 200 p.p., but there was nobody to collect the fee).
Monday 5 July Only rain and mist, 8°C
Bad weather. Visited Reykjavík again (what else can you do?). Road [1] and [36] to Þingvellir. Nice part of Iceland. Road [365] to Laugarvatn, where we camped for IKr 320 p.p.
Tuesday 6 July Sun and some drizzle, 15°C
Left the tent at Laugarvatn. Visited Geysir and Gullfoss ([37] and [35]). Drove as far as we could up road [F37]. Nice scenery.
Wednesday 7 July Sun and drizzle, 12°C
Tried to reach Landmannalaugar ([37], [35], [31], [32], [F22]). Got very close, only the last 50 m before the camping were impassible (melt water river). Very beautiful. If possible, go there and walk around. Took same road back. Via [26] to Hella. Back on ring road [1]. Camped at Skógar (IKr 400 p.p., all facilities). Nice waterfall. Visited Sólheimajökull.
Thursday 8 July Sun, rain and hail turn into gale (9 Bf), 18°C
Left the tent at Skógar. Birdwatching around Vík. Nice bird cliffs. Back to Dyrhólaey. Even nicer bird cliffs, 15 km west from Vík [218]. Also nice rock formations. Back in Skógar the wind increased to gale-force 9 Bf in less than 30 minutes and turned 180° from South to North. Two tents were demolished, luckily not ours.
Friday 9 July Much wind, some clouds, 15°C
Back to Vík bird cliffs. Through Mìrdalssandur and Eldhraun to Kirkjubæjarklaustur. Some dust storms. Visibility less than 20 m, frightening. Camped at Kirkju for IKr 280 p.p. (toilet, cold water). Busy and small camping site.
Saturday 10 July Sun turns into clouds, 20°C decreases to 16°C
Pretty warm in the morning. To Skaftafell N.P. Big camping site (IKr 400 p.p.). Very popular in the summer, only two showers, supermarket, etc. Nice 20 km walk around Skaftafellsheiði with nice views of Morsárjökull and Skaftafellsjökull.
Sunday 11 July Overcast at Jökulsarlon, 10°C, sunny at Skaftafell, 18°C
Left tent at Skaftafell. Trip to Jökulsárlón, the iceberg-lake. Very nice and photogenic. Very many Great Skuas. Spent many hours there.
Monday 12 July Sun and clouds, 17°C
Pretty warm in the morning. Back to Jökulsárlón. Spent many hours there again. Via [1] to Höfn. Nice camping for IKr 400 p.p.
Tuesday 13 July Sun turns into mist, 15°C
Bird and whalewatching near Stokksnes lighthouse. Nice landscape. Along many fjords ([1] and [96]) to Egilsstaðir. Nice camping for IKr 400 p.p.
Wednesday 14 July Overcast, 12°C
Washed the car. Walked through Egilsstaðir. Not much to see. Camped there again.
Thursday 15 July Overcast, 12°C
Woke up at 06:00. In Seyðisfjörður at 08:00. Boarded at 09:30. Left Iceland at 11:00. Read a book, did some birdwatching behind the boat.
Friday 16 July Sun and overcast, 14°C
Some reading, eating, sleeping and relaxing in the sun on board.
Saturday 17 July Sun and overcast, 14°C
Arrived at Esbjerg at 19:15. Passed customs at 20:00.
Sunday 18 July The sun finally sets: dark again
Arrived at Velserbroek at 03:30. Had a good sleep and an incredible holiday!